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Oral Health Education 2023

Over the 3 months in 2023, it has been our pleasure to visit schools within our Clarence Valley for Oral Health Education. The impact we made together would have not been as great without generous company donations and contributions!


After visiting 26 schools (preschools, early learning centres and primary schools), we had reached 2321children. Each child received a brushing chart, toothpaste and toothbrush as well as oral health education. The schools as well as ourselves believe the Oral Health education program was a huge success.


The 2321 children we reached were educated in 3 very specifically unique ways. The Preschool/Early Childhood Centres received a younger age-appropriate education.


The second group of children we educated were at primary school (Kindergarten-Year 4). This group was taught 5 basic 'smart' oral health choices they can make. We offered plaque disclosing for these children and let them visually learn from what they could see they missed during their morning's toothbrush (or lack there of). Of these 1066 children, we know we made a difference! Brushing with their peers and learning in a positive and encouraging way works well and is ideal.


Our third group were the two years before high school. Our approach was more of a “reality shock” than a gentle reminder and encouragement. That also worked extremely well with the 402 children in this age bracket. We did cover the same 5 smart choices they can make to look after their oral health but we went into more depth as to why we recommend those 5 (and a bit more) habits


We thoroughly enjoyed visiting so many schools in our precious Clarence Valley! It has been insightful to see some schools with visually less need of urgent dental care and others as expected, still being very much less aware of good oral habits and decay prevention strategies.


Making a difference for the next generation in our Clarence Valley is Dr Annie’s dream. Oral Health Education should remain free to all children (and adults) and form part of the Clarence Valley's basic health and well-being. We would love to keep this momentum and success going in future !

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