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Welcome to Family Dental Yamba, where quality service meets community care! Nestled at the entrance of Yamba, our practice has been designed with a focus on creating a friendly haven, especially for our young patients. While officially established in January 2015, our journey in serving the valley began back in 2011, nurturing smiles before our doors officially opened.
At Family Dental, we're all about blending professionalism with a generous sprinkle of fun! The name 'Family Dental' isn't just a label; it signifies our dedication to serving everyone, from the littlest tots to the wisest elders in your clan. For us, our team isn't just a group of professionals – they're our extended family. And when you step through our doors, expect to be treated just the same, Like a beloved family member.
We're passionate aficionados of all things general dentistry! But it's not just about the dental drill – it's about the beautiful relationships we build within our community. We relish witnessing families grow and evolve, not just in teeth but in life's journey. Your dental health matters to us, but equally important is ensuring your experience within our practice is nothing short of exceptional.
Did you know about our awards? We've been honoured with 6 awards in the Clarence Valley Business Excellence Awards. These recognitions mean a lot to us, just like our commitment to engaging in activities that spark inspiration and knowledge in our valley. At Family Dental Yamba, it's not just about smiles; it's about nurturing a community where everyone can flourish.


Why all the ZEBRAS ?

Why the obsession with zebras, you ask? Well, Dr. Willem and Dr. Annie originate from the wilds of South Africa, and they wanted an African touch to reflect their roots. Enter the zebra—our chosen mascot that sets us apart and embodies the vibrant, fun-loving atmosphere we bring to our patients every single day! Think of it as our stripe-tastic symbol of family-friendly, feel-good vibes!

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We bring affordable, quality dentistry, for ALL ages to the clarence Valley!

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