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Husband and wife: Willem & Annie have had an extraordinary career that started in South Africa and continued in Australia in 2009. Countless rural work in South Africa and volunteer work abroad has put them in a position where no job is too big or small, and no fear of dentistry ever to large for them to take on! 


Their primary education in dentistry was done in South Africa but after their emigration to Australia, they passed their Australian Dental Exams first time which proved their qualifications is up to Australian standards.


They enjoy all aspects of general dentistry, including paediatric and difficult rehabilitation cases which involve multiple specialities and aspects of dentistry.

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Dr Willem Espag
Dr Annie Lippert
Dr Joanna Reece
General Dentist, Owner
General Dentist, Owner
General dentist
Isabelle McLeod
Oral Health Therapist
Nikitta Griffiths
Practice Manager
dental Assistant
dental Assistant
dental Assistant
Melissa Morris
Tanya Priest
Cheryl Coleman
Casey Burgess
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